What is a tender?

Tender is a formal invitation to trade under some terms of offer. Tender usually refers to the process where governments and financial institutions invite bids for large projects that have to be submitted within a specific deadline.

bdtender.com is an online based tender portal service which eases tendering processes by organizing, acquiring and providing tender related information in different aspects. It replaces traditional tendering information.

bdtender.com provides a customized subscription service which allows all the concerned parties to get information through an electronic information system. Subscribers who are registered receive email notification, web access & sms alert of Tender or Auction Notices according to their demand. Purchasers can also advertise their Tenders & related documents at our website.

bdtender.com provides below services:
1. Advertising of Tenders
2. Tender Information
3. Web access
4. E-mail Notification

bdtender.com always wants to ease the procurement and supply of services or any other input requiring suppliers from the market to respond with prices, quotes, tenders and information.

Concerned subscribers receive Tender Notices related to their category and requirement automatically through Web Browsing,sms alert and also via E-Mail.

Clients' requirement is automatically evaluated by our system according to their priority during online registration. If client doesn't receive desired tenders, we are always ready to help them to solve the issue.

Yes, client can change their requirement anytime through informing us by e-mail or mobile phone. Our system will be updated automatically.

We collect the Tender Notices from almost all the national daily newspapers & different websites.

Clients can login to bdtender.com by using individual user id and password which is issued at the time of registration.

As we are an independent and totally neutral information system. We don't deal directly nor we can influence or determine any tendering process

Yes, the site is open for all to visit, but the information service is available only for registered clients.

bdtender.com provides Suppliers and Purchasers the confidence of accessing one source having a large and comprehensive user and information base. bdtender.com fully automates the information and serves the subscribers as per their requirements.

We take very affordable subscription fees for the optimum benefit of our service. Subscription fees are based on the service requirement by the subscriber. Check the subscription fees Click Here

The client can deposit the money to our bank account,or can pay by mobile phone by using client's bKash account. Clients can also make the payment by using Visa, MasterCard, DBBL Nexus credit/debit card which is allowed for internet transaction.

There is Free trial 7 day's subscription opportunity for online registration subscribers for evaluating our service in order to go for regular subscription scheme.

At present, bdtender.com is available only in English, we may also introduce Bangla in near future.

Buyers are basically Government, Companies, UN Agencies, NGOs and other Private Organizations who are seeking responses from the market prior to the procurement of goods, services, works or expertise. Suppliers do vary from small business to large companies who are seeking new business opportunities from the market or business intelligence within vertical market segments. Many suppliers from very small to large companies use bdtender.com to watch tender notice information.